About Us

Epic is a locally owned and operated video game store / repair shop out of St. Louis. We repair anything from game consoles, phones, computers, CDs, and DVDs. We have repaired thousands of Xbox 360s, Xbox Ones, Plastation 3s, Plastation 4s, Nintendo Wii, Wii Us, laptops, and iPhones. We buy, sell, and trade all video games from retro to PS4/Xbox One generation of consoles.


Xbox 360 Microsoft Xbox 360
Laser Replacement $59.99
Open Tray Error $59.99
Drive Repair $59.99
Xbox One Microsoft Xbox One
Diagnostics Free
PS2 Playstation 2
Laser Replacement $44.99
PS3 Playstation 3
Laser Replacement $79.99
Drive Repair $59.99 to $79.99
PS4 Playstation 4
Diagnostics Free
Wii Nintendo Wii
Console Swap $39.99
Laser Replacement $49.99
Wii U Nintendo Wii U
Console Swap $ 109.99
Other Repair Varies
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
72 Pin Connector $39.99
Disc Disc
Repair $4.99
Computer Computer
Screen Repair Varies
Virus Removal $59.99